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What are the warning signs of financial difficulty?

By: Stan Hopkins

Some common warning signs that you or someone you know may be experiencing financial difficulties include:

  • frequently pay bills after their due date;
  • regularly bounce cheques;
  • use an advance from one credit card to pay the minimum amount on another card;
  • have creditors calling or receive calls from a collection agency;
  • regularly ask friends or family members for loans;
  • have your utilities cut off (telephone, power, water);
  • have cut back on regular budget expenses such as clothing and recreation, or necessities such as food;
  • you have lost your job or had your hours cut back;
  • have wondered about filing bankruptcy; and
  • are considering taking a second job in order to help pay your bills.

If you believe you may be experiencing financial difficulties, contact us today to discuss your situation with no obligation; we can help.

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